Divrei Hayamim II – Thirteen: Micaiah

“In the eighteenth year of King Jeroboam, Abijah began to reign over Judah. Three years he reigned in Jerusalem, and his mother’s name was Micaiah the daughter of Uriel from Gibeah, and there was a war between Abijah and Jeroboam (Chronicles II 13:1-2).” I feel like any time a woman’s name is mentioned in the text, even if it’s mainly an aside, as in this case, I fixate on it. Partially that’s because it’s way too much of a rarity, but mainly it’s because these glimpses of female influence are the moments that I can most relate to in this epic text. In this case, Abijah is the one we really hear about, with his mother only being identified by her relationship with her son. However, we know that her presence and role in his life was prominent enough that she’s named, unlike so many voiceless, faceless, nameless women throughout Tanakh, and history in general. There’s no one like a mother when it comes to shaping who a person becomes, so it makes complete sense to me that as we meet Abijah, we also get a reference to the person who influenced him the most. I wish we knew more about Micaiah, but will have to be satisfied with this glimpse.


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