Divrei Hayamim II – Fifteen: Purpose

Asa is still king in this chapter. He’s conferring with a prophet. “But you be strong and let your hands not slacken, for there is reward for your work (Chronicles II 15:7).” No matter how good someone is, how competent and even how passionate they are about their work, it’s easy to get discouraged or to fall into routines and mundanity. So we all have to rely on others, as well as ourselves, to stay motivated and to remind us about the why for all of the things we’re doing. Knowing the ‘why’ is about remembering the long-term aims and not getting bogged down in the details that can seem insignificant without keeping this overall vision in mind. Each of us has a purpose in our work, and are hopefully part of something greater. If even kings need to be reminded of that at some point, we can all give ourselves that permission as well.


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