Divrei Hayamim II – Twenty-Eight: Captives

This is the final full week of Project 929. Next week, this project, which I’ve been doing for over three years, will come to a close. The beginning of the end has been building for quite some time – I felt it coming when I got to the final book, the final chapters, the final month. I can’t believe that after all the buildup, and the constant presence of this daily task, it’s almost over. I’m honestly a little bummed that it’s ending on a book that hasn’t been a favorite for me. I hope that there are some final profound lessons to be learned over these last couple of weeks.

In this chapter, the civil war between Israel and Judah continues. The Israelites capture two hundred thousand Judean men, women, and children. “And now, hearken to me and return the captives whom you have captured from your brethren, for the burning wrath of the Lord is upon you (Chronicles II 28:11).” This verse brings up a lot about the treatment of captives. The inhumane actions going on in this chapter are truly heartbreaking, and demonstrate that humanity is capable of some terrible things, even when dealing with members of their own families. But it’s good to see that this isn’t acceptable, and that these depths are acknowledged, and forbidden.

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