Divrei Hayamim II – Thirty-Four: Huldah

An unexpected biblical woman sighting as the book comes to a close! “And Hilkiah and those whom the king [sent] went to Huldah the prophetess, the wife of Shallum the son of Tokhath the son of Hasrah, the keeper of the raiment, and she was sitting in Jerusalem in the study-hall, and they spoke to her accordingly (Chronicles II 34:22).” Um, what?! So many thoughts! Huldah, a woman, is being consulted for her knowledge and wisdom by the king’s emissaries. And to top things off, they find her in the study hall in Jerusalem. All of this is being reported nonchalantly, and I completely agree that all of these things should be matter of course – obviously women should be in the study hall, and treated with respect as colleagues and authority figures and experts. But unfortunately, both in biblical times and even today, this is far from clear to everyone, and merits mention and excitement. I don’t know anything about Huldah, which seems like a loss and a missed opportunity on my part, but I’m excited to see her mentioned here, and to have a new thing to explore as the final days of 929 dwindle down.

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