Tehillim Forty: Birthday

In this psalm, David says that God has heard his cry. “And He drew me up out of the roaring pit, from the thick mire, and He set my feet upon a rock, He established my steps (Psalms 40:3).” I don’t particularly relate to the first part of this verse, because I don’t think that any of the problems that I’ve ever experienced, however legitimate, are on the level of being trapped in a pit. But what drew me today is the final clause, about establishing steps. Today is my birthday – yay! – and I’ve been thinking about what I want for myself this year. There are the superficial things – $$, books, vacations, and a new pair of boots if anyone is interested. And then there are the intangible things, the things I want to feel and develop over the course of another year of life. I want to be grounded, to have my steps be established as I move forward towards the next stage of my life, to embrace empowerment, prioritization, and abundance. Today is the day when I aim to establish those steps for myself, and I can’t wait to take them with all of you!


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